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Whether it be Live Event Production, Virtual and Hybrid Events or Installations, the proof is in! Straight Street is equipped, experienced and driven by a dynamic team capable of producing the unique logistics and concepts of any event you have in mind. We take on such a wide diversity of event situations that you are in great hands with our team. Events continue to be more innovative and impactful than ever seemed possible. Our team is dynamic and creative, experienced in making a vision come true regardless of the type of event. The track record in production has built an experience base that is second to none. We can’t wait to show you the things we can offer and make your event a stunning success.


When you are ready to launch a new product, the first impression counts! Product launches are events to showcase your identity through a new product or service, so optimal audio and visual equipment is essential to ensuring your event is successful. Straight street can help you exhibit your product and speak directly to your audience using your own branding and style. Announcements like these need to allow your audience to focus on the message, not about how it was delivered. Our team will work professionally with you to make sure your product is what is being talked about after.


Celebrating achievements of individuals, groups, or collective accomplishments is a crucial element for any business to build culture, community and value contributions. Companies and Communities recognize heroes, applaud goals achieved, and the time and value others bring. Straight street understands and is ready to ensure a seamless production for you by offering impressive stage sets and audiovisual support, as well as work with the relationships weaved throughout the event, so all are heard and seen in their special moment. 

We offer powerful speakers and LED video walls to ensure you have the sound quality and visual capabilities …read more


We love supporting the incredible work of organizations or causes that exist to help others! Philanthropic work is close to our core values, and we can support and help to make these events maximize your financial, intellectual and emotional outcomes.

Planning a charity fundraiser or a non-profit event is a significant puzzle piece for organizations to collect donations or retain support for a cause or humanitarian purpose. Your reason already has such purposeful meaning to your event, directly by the good you are aspiring to do in the world. Finding ways to help those …read more


Outdoor venues are a Canadian trademark, and Straight Street is fully equipped to deliver your next concert or festival! We can work with you to create a spectacular show or outdoor event by providing staging, full concert sound, advanced lighting options, customized walls and video for optimal sounds. Regardless of the varying conditions such as weather, acoustics, wind, size and location of your event, we take care of it from start to finish.The result?

A spectacular show that will leave your attendees leaving thrilled and in awe…read more


Let us help take your next corporate event to new heights. We understand the importance of providing professional and reputable delivery of content to capture the attention of your audience, whether it be a boardroom meeting or a keynote address for thousands. We have a full array of products and capabilities to create stunning visuals and impeccable sound sure to impress your guests. With Straight street Event Services at your conference or convention, you will have seamless delivery and impeccably clear sound. To discuss ways we can help you deliver a successful corporate event, contact us today.


Let Straight Street Event Services help celebrate the marker events of graduation and convocation. Every year we support high schools, Colleges, Universities and academic institutions to acknowledge the magnificent work students have devoted to their academic success. Transform your gym, assembly hall, stadium or conference centre into a unique venue for the day your graduates have been working towards for years. We know your graduates and guests will expect their moment to be seamless with professional sound and visuals to capture every word, speech and photographed moments. Our experienced team will meet with you to fully understand the vision of your event. We work with you to reflect your institution’s identity and …read more


Fashion Events require a professional look and feel, an extraordinary layout for mapping out your space and get the most out of your staging needs and budget. From the conception of your event planning, we can plan out your staging needs, create detailed floor plans and plot the positioning of all your staging requirements and optimize your seating space. We can give your fashion event that professional look and feel. Our sound experts will be on hand during your Fashion show to monitor sound for live camera feeds or to record the event. We also provide vibrant lighting that will support photography and your catwalk models. From dynamic lighting to impeccable audio, with the clear assurance that all of our equipment is utilized safely for your models …read more


Providing audiovisual production solutions for faith-based events such as houses of worship, weekly services, outreach, prayer events, or various ministries requires sensitivity and seamless delivery. It is crucial to source continual engaging methods to allow individuals to worship together. Exploring ways to provide engaging and meaningful delivery for exploring worship and enabling to connect with the community in live and digital ways is a unique challenge. Straight Street will thoughtfully work to ensure your faith event seamlessly produced, curating the opportunity for patrons to participate wherever they are.

 Church and Faith-based organizations have many …read more


Sporting Events are different from regular events where there is a focus on a show or spectacle. With Sports, the highlight is the sport, which is often very fluid, unplanned and unpredictable. And getting the right equipment is essential to getting in the game. 

Straight Street offers and is capable of providing an extensive range of systems, indoor and outdoor, lighting and staging to create solutions to capture every sporting event.  We are well equipped to support your sporting event from conception to completion, and streamline it all seamlessly, regardless if it is a team sport or marathon event.  We understand the importance of the fan to player …read more


The power of sound and light is never more poignantly powerful than in a musical performance production. We offer a complete “theatre in a box” solution for your group from rigging to draping, staging and lights, audio and video walls and much more. Your theatre needs a sound and lighting system that is more than just clear, feedback-free and seamless – it needs to be perfectly balanced so no one will miss a word or crucial element of the production. Whether it be a school theatre performance or a community theatre production, you need a great production team to be with you before, during and after your production to enhance the mood, ambiance and power of dramatic performances with exceptional acoustics and impressive lighting solutions.

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