Providing audiovisual production solutions for faith-based events such as houses of worship, weekly services, outreach, prayer events, or various ministries requires sensitivity and seamless delivery. It is crucial to source continual engaging methods to allow individuals to worship together. Exploring ways to provide engaging and meaningful delivery for exploring worship and enabling to connect with the community in live and digital ways is a unique challenge. Straight Street will thoughtfully work to ensure your faith event seamlessly produced, curating the opportunity for patrons to participate wherever they are.

 Church and Faith-based organizations have many considerations when considering how to produce the sound, lighting and visuals for conveying and capturing emotive ways to share their message to impact lives. Original audio and visual projection can share your story to create inspiration, intention and identify answers to soul searching. 

 Straight Street can create with you live or webcasting events that will broadcast your productions and activities in a way that will be memorable and impactful. Our primary role is not to be evident to be there, allowing you and your audience to participate fully and experience wholeheartedly. 

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