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We love supporting the incredible work of organizations or causes that exist to help others! Philanthropic work is close to our core values, and we can support and help to make these events maximize your financial, intellectual and emotional outcomes.

 Planning a charity fundraiser or a non-profit event is a significant puzzle piece for organizations to collect donations or retain support for a cause or humanitarian purpose. Your reason already has such purposeful meaning to your event, directly by the good you are aspiring to do in the world. Finding ways to help those who are less fortunate or struggling through a crisis can be done effectively with creative engagement through a charity and fundraising event. 

Seeking support and donations is enhanced when the guests, donors and sponsors feel moved by your story and purpose. Inspiring videos, speakers, or music is a compelling way to convey your message. 

 Straight Street knows the importance of these events to your organization’s cause, and how to get people excited and passionate along with you. We can assist with live streaming, branding and audiovisual production to enhance the possibilities of your event goals. Creative design, precise and emotive videos using our high-quality equipment will help you accomplish that goal through the execution of a fabulous event that is better than you could imagine and exceeds your expectations. 

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