Virtual & Hybrid Events

Dazzle your Audience with Remote Wonder

Virtual & Hybrid Events have always been around but became the only option during the pandemic in 2020-2021. Straight Street revamped and rose to the occasion with technological brilliance and now offers more state-of-the-art opportunities for companies and event planners than ever before. If you search for engaging and exceptional remote experiences, virtual and hybrid events can be as exciting and successful as live.  Virtual and Hybrid events are just as tricky as live events and require expertise to produce them seamlessly. You need an experienced team, platform and live-streaming technology to ensure the website, audio, sound and lighting quality are flawless. We are leaders in the pivot of incredible virtual and hybrid events at Straight Street, the new norm in event production. Our team is excited to unveil a compelling vision and solution for producing events for the future.


Ignite Engagement, Create connection, Build Community

Imagine you could offer unlimited access to a virtual state-of-the-art conference experience. Straight Street is proud to offer a comprehensive all-in-one platform to deliver your virtual events at a whole new level of community engagement, fun and inspirational learning and connection. Our interactive platform can customize your needs with personalized branded landing pages that will make it your own. This entertaining program interface offers automated and efficient registration processes and insightful reports to analyze and provide valuable information more precisely than any live event could ever possibly reveal. Your event is cost-effective and can be available to anyone regardless of location or numbers. 


Widen your Reach, Heighten your Interaction

If you are ready to take event planning to unlimited attendees, our deluxe webcasting platform is your answer. Training classes, promotion of products and services or spreading awareness are examples of ways to use Webcasting and streaming.  Participants are given a complete and interactive broadcast experience to watch live video, slide presentations and comprehensive webinar options seamlessly synchronized, in cost-effective way. If you are looking for professional production of a media presentation distributed over the internet to listeners and viewers, webcasting and streaming are fabulous options.

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