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 Celebrating achievements of individuals, groups, or collective accomplishments is a crucial element for any business to build culture, community and value contributions. Companies and Communities recognize heroes, applaud goals achieved, and the time and value others bring. Straight street understands and is ready to ensure a seamless production for you by offering impressive stage sets and audiovisual support, as well as work with the relationships weaved throughout the event, so all are heard and seen in their special moment. 

 We offer powerful speakers and LED video walls to ensure you have the sound quality and visual capabilities for every guest to hear award recipients names with clarity and capture reactions and emotions visually. 

 You want a production service for your award ceremony or event that you can count on to work with you for a one time wow factor or a consistent annual event that will be memorable and fresh every time. 

 Our award and special events services will tailor to your needs to integrate in any size venue, offer consistency with your branding yet significantly unique for your guests and recipients you aim to honour. 

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