Webcasting and Streaming

Widen your Reach, Heighten your Interaction

If you are ready to take event planning to unlimited attendees, our deluxe webcasting platform is your answer. Training classes, promotion of products and services or spreading awareness are examples of ways to use Webcasting and streaming.  Participants are given a complete and interactive broadcast experience to watch live video, slide presentations and comprehensive webinar options seamlessly synchronized, in cost-effective way. If you are looking for professional production of a media presentation distributed over the internet to listeners and viewers, webcasting and streaming are fabulous options. Even though it is a live event, it can be broadcast to viewers and listeners anywhere simultaneously. Hosted on secure and reputable Canadian-based servers, Straight Street has a high-quality interface platform that will have your meeting or event fed live for viewers and available as a recording afterward.

Interaction and Participation

Even though viewers may be listening from an electronic device, participants can be fully engaged through unique interactive features. Our Webcasting interface can include Live Q&A as well as Live Audience Polling. Viewers can submit questions that are moderated to serve the event best. Similarly, the presenters can propose poll questions to viewers who can then submit their vote, with live audience vote results.

Feedback is always important so our interface offers an exit poll instead of a traditional survey that most viewers won’t take the time to participate in. Our exit polls are simple and quick, to allow viewers to fill out a questionnaire at the end of the webcast to gather valuable information for evaluation afterward.

We keep your event going with Twitter integration and hashtags to your event and other social media platforms.

Viewing Persona

For viewing your webcast event, viewers can maximize their screen window to full screen. In addition, the live video window can be se to a resolution best suited for your viewer’s internet capability, from 1080HD to 320SD and even just audio. Content Tabs are available for viewers to download any worksheets, presentation slides, speaker bios or other relevant documents.

We love to feature the personalized branding of our company or clients, and this is very doable with webcasting and streaming. Colour Schemes, logos, and all event or company branding can be represented on branded viewing pages by our creative team.


We want your webcasting and streaming event to work easily for users! The Straight Street team is there to support and work with the event planners, presenters and viewers from start to finish. The registration page includes links for viewers to test their system and sort out any technical issues they may have well before the event date.

Chat Windows are available for Real-Time technical Support should a viewer have difficulties during the actual event. A chat window available for the viewer gives them immediate consultation to get them back online with the event as soon as possible.

Specialty Add-Ons

Sometimes you may need special features on your interface to be fully inclusive and match the needs of your audience. If you require multi-language support, Live teleconference Integration, Captioning or Extended Archiving (30 days archiving is included), we can set you up for an additional fee.

Registration Data Reports

Use our registration page customized to your event for viewers to Pre-register for the webcast.

The automation for responses, registrations and reminders is automatic and seamlessly sent to attendees to promote immediate belonging to your event. You select the personal and relevant information you would like to collect from the viewer upon registration.

If you want to handle registration yourself, no problem! Simply sent us a list of registered viewers in an excel file listing their name, email address and any other information you collected within 48 hours of the webcast start time.

During the live event and upon completion of the event, you can see who is attending. Our interface provides a listing of all attendees and their relevant information. This information can be useful for analytics such as gender, age, or a specific company that attended.

On-Location Production

If you want your event streamed or webcasted from your own venue, we got you! The Straight Street team can provide all the necessary technical equipment to produce your webcast. Utilizing High-Definition cameras and the latest in encoding software and hardware, we take care of all the details to deliver a professional product to your audience.

We can provide backdrop materials like Drape, proper lighting, comfort monitors for presenters and more. See our diverse offerings of Live Event Production (LINK) technology to support your webcast.

We scale the production to meet your needs and budget. Whether you have a single presenter or multiple, our team will package a camera production to work best for your webcast.

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