Video Production & Specialty Add-Ons

Ensure Expression, Spark Emotion, Optimize Engagement

Video production and add-ons are critical parts of your production. These elements are complex and require expertise and creativity to craft the event you visualize! You want your video and every visual aspect of your event to catch everyone’s eye and grab and hold their attention. We offer an all-in package, including comprehensive video services for any event. Regardless of your vision, we can showcase your event seamlessly, whether it be a live stream or virtual event, corporate or entertainment, to ensure a meaningful experience for every attendee.

Video Production

For the most part, human beings are very visual people, so Video is the most engaging piece of your event planning. Video production is complex. It requires a blending of lighting, sound, and logistics to allow for a full-service menu of possibilities. We create and produce video content that will spark attendees emotionally and enhance the connection and goals you hope to accomplish.

We have a team of video engineers who can visualize your dream and capture it with the most complex and innovative video production power that will blow people away. With a wide variety of projector and screen sizes, Straight Street can retrofit and optimize any sized event exactly as you want it or your venue allows.

Straight Street video technicians are experts at supporting you throughout the planning to executing your video production needs. Start to finish, count on seeing your vision come to life with the creative services that include lighting, video, and staging to complement your audio solutions. You will be inspired by how we can make your video dreams come true.

IMAG (Image Magnification)

Image Magnification is an extraordinary way to capture key note, guest speakers and performers onto a large screen. Streaming people on large screens using long-lens cameras help all attendees gain more from their experience. Essentially, it magnifies the person’s image so everyone can see them, their body language and movements. Even in the grandest of venues, every participant benefits from the impact and power of the performance or speaker because every viewer sees every action. Focal points on IMAG increase anticipation and creates intimacy or engagement in a more personal way. This is a prevalent technical element in corporate events, faith-based production and large ceremonies. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

We prioritize ensuring your event participants fully understand what is happening at your event, regardless of their mother tongue is different or due to hearing impairment. Simultaneous interpretation does not only mean linguistic translation of other languages but also signing for the deaf. Providing complete interpretation for all attendees enhances engagement and fully inclusive practice. Trying to interpret in real-time, without a waiting time, takes expertise and high-quality interpretation technology. Our Straight Street team uses interpretation equipment to offer a full range of simultaneous services for any type of live event, on-site or remotely. This specialty allows for diverse audiences, global reach and broad inclusivity to enhance the reach of your event. We work with your interpreter, who is doing intense work, to produce a smooth flowing presentation, and avoid delays or pauses in their execution of language or signing.

Audience Response Systems

If you are looking for authentic engagement with your audience, you may want a tool to respond and interact dynamically with your attendees. This system combines hardware and software to gain fuller participation. How it works is the presenter can ask questions, and this technology allows an event to collect the responses and analyze the results. Interactive events result in more focused attention and the long-term retainment of learning and critical points. This technology gathers data about your audience that is astounding! You can ascertain if listeners struggle with information and collect survey information for immediate feedback to modify your presentation on the spot responsively. The best part of our Audience Response Systems is that it can keep participants engaged but comfortable because the information can be anonymously provided.

Teleprompting Services

Teleprompters are devices that serve as an “aid” to the person speaking, which prompts the reader to read their speech or script word for word. Our expert team works with presenters to support decisions, offer help and instructions to discern the type of teleprompter needed to work best for your venue and event. Using advanced software and remote-control technology reflects the text reversing the original text and can stop, start, and control the speed of text. Straight Street provides prompter equipment that is a support, not a hindrance to any presentation, by offering practice sessions and features to make everyone comfortable.

Comfort Monitors

Presenters do not need to read from tiny notes or memorize any longer! The beauty of being able to engage fully with your audience with the power of eye contact and charisma and ensure you convey the message you need to is a huge relief to presenters, regardless of their experience and confidence. Comfort monitors increase presenter ease and confidence, provide a professionally seamless and smooth delivery, and create comfort for all event organizers. These flat-screen monitors are positioned hidden from the audience’s view but easily accessible for a presenter to read from the stage. The versatility of comfort monitors can accommodate a leader or presenter walking around the stage and allow them to see what the audience is seeing, so you can entirely focus on the quality and delivery of your message and connecting with your participants.


The Internet is a fabulous resource, and Webcasting uses it to transmit, broadcast live or replay your event, presentation, or lecture. Our Webcasting technology is designed to take a single linear stream and make it available for live or on-demand use for others. Instantaneously your media presentation content is available by computer or mobile devices to others. Learn more about Webcasting and available features HERE.

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