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Imagine you could offer unlimited access to a virtual state-of-the-art conference experience. Straight Street is proud to offer a comprehensive all-in-one platform to deliver your virtual events at a whole new level of community engagement, fun and inspirational learning and connection. Our interactive platform can customize your needs with personalized branded landing pages that will make it your own. This entertaining program interface offers automated and efficient registration processes and insightful reports to analyze and provide valuable information more precisely than any live event could ever possibly reveal. Your event is cost-effective and can be available to anyone regardless of location or numbers. Navigating your conference platform in the lobby, meetings and webinars, and trade shows are interactive elements your attendees will love. You can wholly and respectfully honour your sponsors and partners to acknowledge those you need to, in a lasting and endearing way.

Your comprehensive all-in-one platform to seamlessly deliver your virtual event needs.

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Attract your Attendees with Consistent Branding on your Landing Pages
  • An interactive and engaging lobby and information desk
  • One-Stop website information to promote your event
  • Design customized event landing page to make a lasting first impression
  • Simplified and customized Registration processes and forms
  • Flexible Ticket Sale processes and secure payment options
  • Personalized affirmation of contributing Sponsors
  • Branded Venue templates
  • Schedule of Events creatively delivered
  • Speaker Recognition and biographies
  • Photo Gallery to spark engagement and interest


Simplified processes that allow attendees to join your event
  • Branded and Customized Registration page
  • Ticket sales and forms that are user-friendly and clear
  • Secure online payment options
  • Confidence for guests with creative branded confirmation and next steps


Customized and Versatile meeting and webinar options for every need
  • Meeting rooms that can be consistently customized to showcase your brand
  • Interactive meetings that broadcast with ease for organizers and attendees
  • Conduct multiple live or pre-recorded webinars and video meetings simultaneously
  • Showcase and stream pre-recorded content on-demand or integrated with zoom, a web-hosted video link, or the embedded video player
  • Ability to download content during sessions
  • Optimize interaction with Live Chat Feed, private Q & A and polls
  • Breakout room options available for engagement opportunities


Synergetic exhibitor booths packed with features to capture a rich, interactive experience
  • Create a customizable and energetic tradeshow experience with virtual booths that allow for consistent and diverse ways to capture interest and leads
  • Ready-made templates available to use or spark ideas for your customized booth to spark originality and inspiration
  • Ability to host downloaded images or media files, videos and brochures to bring your booth to life
  • Instantly engage in live video, messaging chats, and inbound contact information
  • Data collection for attendance
  • Provide sponsored sessions for exhibitors and opportunities through breakout rooms and downloadable content to enable individualized engagement


Affirm, Recognize and Showcase your sponsors in unique and authentic ways
  • Allow sponsors and exhibitors to provide chats, demos and video calls with attendees
  • Provide intentional brand exposure with tiered packages that offer varying sponsorship options, including ads, sessions, and creative engagement opportunities
  • Give your sponsors the attention they deserve with visible exposure through descriptions of products and services, contact information, company profiles, or bios


Build your social community to last during and after your event
  • Grow community Interaction through live chats, group discussions, future meetings, multimedia uploading and more
  • Gather formative and summative feedback with Surveys, polls and Q & A sessions
  • Keep the fun alive with gamification features for attendees
  • Browse and gather attendee profiles
  • Measure learning and experience to reflect and inspire future events


Full insights on the inside scoop of all the data you need
  • Insights to ensure your virtual event gives you all the information you need, including user logins, most downloaded documents and more
  • Track your registration numbers and attendee turnout
  • Gather immediate analytics on how attendees navigate and engage in all aspects of your event, including virtual booths
  • Data analysis integrates with popular CRM platforms
  • Support to help you understand your numbers to understand your event impacts


All-inclusive dedicated Support you can count on from start to finish
  • Supportive team availability regardless of your virtual event planning skill set or experience
  • Consultation advising for event-specific services
  • Additional advanced assistance you can utilize or troubleshoot to customize your goals and enable your vision
  • Help available 24/7 in multiple streams prior to, during and after your event

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