The Virtual Ticket

Want to know the difference between Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Webcasting and Webinars?

Virtual Event Planning 

We are excited to help take you to the next level of event planning. Online Events are an engaging way to bring together experiences for an audience. Straight Street Event Services is proud to offer support for your virtual event as well as the tools and resources to make it happen.

The Virtual Ticket is an incredible e-book resource we are thrilled to support you with for your virtual events. Whether you are a business, sports team, non-profit, event venue or a garage band, this book includes everything you need to know about planning live streams that provide audiences with experiences worth paying for.

Adding a virtual ticket option is a unique way for your next event to do more than increase profits. Virtual tickets help expose events to global audiences by increasing convenience and accessibility with new broadcasting and translation tools that are now available. 

About the Author 

Paul Richards is the chief streaming officer for the StreamGeeks. In his book, Paul shares his wealth of virtual event planning experience. He explains how this new digital economy encourages the online community to be a part of a new type of consumer behaviour in event planning.     

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