Staging and Scenic Design

Create Spectacular Staging Solutions

Event staging is the technical event production piece that turns your venue into a complex structure or immersive experience for your audience unique to your dream.

Picture a stage set that can be maneuvered and manipulated to create arranged pieces that will impress any audience. The possibilities are endless and uniquely customized for your event! 

Our professional staging experts plan around your event staging requirements and specifications, liaise with both the client and the venue to make them possible, and factor in all the necessary safety and risk management aspects in the planning phase.

Modular Backdrops

Straight Street offers AV drop modular backdrop systems that take your stage to new levels! We continue to be amazed at the revolutionary solutions that can handle any stage and create its own scenic identity. These modular backdrops do it all, including scenic backdrops, walkways, focal points, and backgrounds.

Best of all, this system is simple to install with fundamental frames, extensions, unions and easy-to-use clamps. The engineered aluminum frame is strong and built to last, with simple capabilities to be covered with Velcro to attach many fabric skins or prints to create any flat-wall scene. It’s compact and transportable, allowing for ease and efficiency in setup and dismantling.

Incorporating modular staging into your event theme is exciting to plan and design! Our team works with you considering the audience, venue, scope of event and capacity. Considering your ideas, vision, and budget, we will offer mock-ups and visualization design software to picture and conceptualize how the staging will look and function. Using 3D images and walkthroughs to how it will look at your chosen venue allows you to see all the options, designs and colours to visualize the execution of your event. It is as if you get to experience it all before it even happens.

The possibilities are endless, with the capability to create your vision, including:

  • Single Wall
  • Dual or Triple Screen
  • Seamless Wall
  • Printed Backdrops
  • Layered Walls
  • Angled Backdrops
  • Staggered Heights

The versatility of modular staging works with you to move from event to event. It offers endless combinations of frames, fabric skins, projection screen and LED surrounds to make every venue all-around exceptional. They can adjust to whatever size you need, every scene mood you require or venue space variations. Modular backdrops integrate beautifully with sound speakers, lighting, projection, Rigging and Truss or LED panels, optimizing the production effect.

Custom & Mobile Outdoor Staging

Do you have a spot but just need the stage? We got you! Straight Street uses Stageline Mobile Stages to transform transport trucks quickly and easily into a large outdoor stage. Every stage complies with road regulations, structural design and rigging capacity. With the engineered ability to move between Canada and the US, this rainproof, full-height mobile stage transports easily and is a fabulous solution for your outdoor event. With a variety of sizes, options and features, we have the mobile outdoor stage for you. Our Straight Street team will meet with you to customize a stage option that fits your vision and needs. Ranging in size and speed for execution, we can find the safest and most reliable option for you. We are proud to offer Stageline SL100, SL250, SL260 and SL320.

Portable Staging

Straight Street uses Ultrastage Portable Staging Solutions to create a stage for any venue. In terms of setup, our team installs and configures a seamless design setup and simplified take-down process. Typically, 4’ x 8’ (or other sized to fit your needs) stage decks are used, allowing them to be duplicated at different locations. Our expert team, modular backdrops and portable staging offer solutions wherever needed.

Staging takes your one-dimensional stage to an unforgettable part of the user experience.

Draping and Skirting

Enhancing your stage presence but also the functionality of your stage production is the draping and skirting items. We use a self-supporting drape called “Pipe and Drape (P&D), which are frame-supported screens or drapes that tie onto a structure to provide partitions and projection finishing touches.

Skirting is the drape on the bottom of a stage or around a riser to hide underneath. These simple solutions keep eyes on the focal points. These can be decorative, serve as partitions from background stakeholders, or conceal technical apparatuses, cords, and equipment.

Whatever your draping needs, we have you covered. Backdrops, teasers (drape that hides trussing or a horizontal structure) and Legs (long narrow draping hung parallel on the sides of the stage for people to walk between as they enter) allow for an impressive and highly professional presentation to mask the sides of the stage.

Borders are the shorter drapes that span the width by hanging above the stage. More legs and borders allow for more locations to use for entering and exiting the stage. Traveler drapes are the open and close horizontal curtains used for a theatre production at the front or serve as a backdrop for the rear wall if needed.

A Scrim is an opaque drape product that allows transparency to show behind the curtain when lit from the front with lighting. For a more discreet projection, scrims can be used.

You can utilize various colours and surface finishes to accomplish the look you want. They are a great finishing touch and, with foils, paint or fabric, can be enhanced with customized branding such as an event or company logo, name, quotes or images.

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