Rigging and Truss

Suspending, Extending, Dangling, Swinging, Hanging

Rigging and Trusses make the possibilities endless and are the acrobatic genius for optimizing the impact your production equipment can have for your event! Have you ever watched a theatre show or event capture a moment with lights? The process of setting up different types of event equipment on a variety of event structures (trusses)  from unexplained places, confetti from the ceiling or floating props surprising the audience from the top, walls, or floor? This is the work of Rigging and Truss.

What is it?

Rigging is a term used to define the way and systems used to set up various sorts of event equipment on different structures (trusses) to create and capture the desired vision.

Trusses are the event structures that the rigging attaches to and either manually or by cranes or hoists. Your vision becomes more magical and theatrical with the help of this equipment that uses cables, chains, ropes, clamps and straps to design and attach to various structures creatively.

Expert Execution

You need a professional expert team of technicians to execute Rigging and trusses safely and securely, as they are often used to bear the weight of heavy lights, speakers, LED screens, staging sets or people in the air!

Our trained Straight Street technician team seamlessly and accurately ensures engineering rules, safety measures and load calculations. Entrust your Rigging and Truss dreams to a qualified crew who will build up your event safely and create your vision. We carry out load calculations, adhere to strict engineering rules and perform safety checks before the setup of any structure. 

Rigging requires a capable, experienced and trained team of technicians and carefully curated planning. Using Rigging and Truss, Straight street can do incredible things to optimize your theatre, arena or whatever structure you require for rigging your venue to suit your dreams.

Regardless of the venue size, we can exceed your expectations and optimize the impact Rigging can do to beef up your stage presence. We can creatively design a permanent fly system to wow your attendees for whatever your event requires.

Safe and Creative Design

We partner with manufacturers who offer the highest quality services in the business to align with the goals of optimal event technology in the safest way possible.

Along with staging your vision with a considerable impact, Straight Street makes safety a top priority for its event crew, presenters and attendees.

We are an event production team who can execute your rigging and truss goals from conception to completion, including the consultation, project management, design and planning. Our team will install, inspect and tear down capably to meet your needs. No vision or venue is too big or small to add rigging and truss options to capture your vision and execute it safely.

Our professional production team loves to create the vision for your theatrical stage. Let’s chat about how Rigging and Truss can enhance your event!

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