Quick Tips for Choosing your AV provider

Do your research and ask questions.

There are many AV providers out there but they are not all the same.  Some provide Sound and Lighting only, others provide or can help with most of your technical requirements as well as many times book or at the least suggest your entertainment options.   A reputable AV company can help with most of these.   They can also negotiate power and wi-fi for you and most times can get a much better rate for you. By hiring a provider that can check off more than one box when it comes to planning your event while staying within your budget can be a time and financial advantage to you. There is a good chance that whatever venue you choose, many AV companies have done an event there at one time or another and know the rooms which is a bonus for you!  They may already know the layout  and can suggest to  you what will and what may not work within your chosen space.


Very Important!!  Lines of communication need to be open between you and your AV provider.  You need to be available, especially during business hours by phone, landline and cell, or email to answer quickly any questions that may come up.   Any delay in response means a delay in the completion of the quote or planning.

The Site Inspection

Once you have chosen your AV provider it is very important, especially if they don’t know the venue, to arrange a site inspection with them as early as possible in the planning stage.   You can explain your ideas to them and they can provide you with valuable information that you may not be aware of when it comes to room layout.

The Budget

It is important to provide your AV provider with your budget.  Without knowing what is available they can’t recommend the best systems for the type of event you are having.  You may want the top of the line equipment but it doesn’t fit within your budget.   Think of it like buying a car – there’s lot of them out there but the salesman needs to know which ones you can afford to proceed with your purchase.    Your AV provider will have options and sure to have one that fits your budget.  They may even be able to trim your budget and take out things you think you need but really don’t.  That money can then be used to ‘upgrade’ your AV.

How Lighting can take your event to the next level without breaking the bank

Lighting changes the mood of the room.  There are many options but not all will be suitable for your event or budget.  Uplighting a wall or drape at key points in the room can add a wash of  color and ambiance to your event and is an inexpensive option.   Custom Gobos are also an enhancement for your lighting to provide many different effects.
We will talk more about Lighting options and Gobos in our next BLOG.

In Closing

Research, research, research!   You take time choosing your venue, do the same choosing your vendors. Ask questions!

Meetings!   Face to face are better than phone or email when possible, especially in the beginning stages.

Lists.    Make a list of all of your questions and concerns.   Be sure to ‘jot’ them down as they pop into your head so you don’t forget anything.  The more information you can provide the better

Your AV provider is there to help you and is  the most important vendor you hire, next to the caterer.   They are knowledgeable in many aspects and their suggestions can be invaluable to you.

We hope you found this BLOG helpful and look forward to learning more about the AV industry. Contact us to find out more!


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