Planning & Production Management

Seamless, Successful and Stunning Events

Production Management is a critical part of your planning process. Having the dreams and vision is the first step in your planning, but needs expert audio-visual technicians to help you scheme it into a stunning show or event. Using the latest technology and unique techniques our team is up to date on are the elements that turn any dream into a flawlessly executed event. We provide an expert team of creative and talented technicians at Straight Street, high-quality equipment and any rentals required, supporting you from start to finish. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver seamlessly and successfully.

Technical Design

Do you have an event idea you need to bring to life? If you are looking for a management team to take your vision and execute the technology, logistics and mechanics to make it happen, we got you! Our expert team can support you with solutions that include required renderings, CAD drawings, photorealistic 3D simulations and production machinery to offer audio, video, lighting and staging. We can support that initial dream with creative ideas, logistical compliance and budgeting considerations. At Straight Street, we work with you to brainstorm ideas creatively intended to think out of the box and help you create a spectacular customized even experience.

Stakeholder Collaboration

We can ensure a smooth and successful event by integrating professional processes with the selected venue providers and event planners. Straight Street’s dynamic and professionally trained team works closely with all stakeholders while providing precise project management, technical expertise and safety precautions thoughtfully applied during installation, execution and takedown.

Smooth Show Time

Designing the dream and working with all the planning players is not enough to ensure a successful event. When the show or event begins, we are all a “hands-on deck” approach to carefully watch for the unexpected and ensure everything goes according to plan. Nothing runs perfectly every time, but with our attentive team providing a seamless experience, you are free to enjoy the show! Presenters and attendees will not even be aware of all the complex aspects that are happening throughout, including operation, troubleshooting, audio and visual consistency and elements of staging excellence to create the stunning show you envisioned.

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