Let there be light!

We love designing the essential element of event lighting!! Out of all the moving parts of producing and planning your event, lighting is one of the last planned pieces. It is the mood-setter. It prepares your attendees with the subtle opportunity to resonate and feel the tone of the moment and impacts the response. Beyond drawing in your audience, lighting is an element that solidifies the quality and professionalism you have worked so hard to achieve in planning your event. Lighting is the hook for your audience to feel and become immersed in the experience’s ambience. We at Straight Street love finishing off your event production planning with professional lighting solutions to do just that.

Stage Lighting

Lighting up your stage is an integral part of any event. It is the powerful magic that allows the focus to be where you want it to be and on whom you want it to be. It allows you to dim specific screens while enhancing the lighting of others. Even lighting with minimal shadows can be a profound way to tell your story or set the tone for your event. Straight Street uses stage washes, LED, and digital lighting to zone in the room’s full attention to one place. This allows the focus also to be versatile to the theme, colours palette and changing lighting quickly.

Room Lighting

Lighting can make a room dazzling, pop or evoke a mood or ambience unlike anything else. Small lighting reinforcements can light up a space, a table, or a section of your room to highlight focal points or create an aura or feel for attendees. Beam lighting and pin lighting are targeted with delicacy to focus on finer details in your space, effectively and intimately. Another ambience boost is to dim or turn off the regular house lights in the venue and create an intimate setting with highlighted floor or wall lighting. Wall washing is a lighting technique that places the fixture far enough away from the wall plane, a compelling backdrop for your event to light it up from top to bottom uniformly.

Gobo Projection

A gobo is an effective alternative to banners and signage on corporate events, providing something visually different for the audience to absorb. Derived from Go-Between or Goes before Optics, a gobo is a thin piece of metal or glass used to create or modify patterns, imagery and shapes to enhance the theme of your event. This cost-effective technology is used with Ellipsoidal Reflector Spots, allowing you to use light to project a sign or display affordably.

Moving Lights

Moving lights have mounting flexibility and expansive mobility options. They can be utilized in various venue settings, in the ceiling, on stands or at ground level. Along with ease of movement in all directions, they can change colours and types of projection beautifully. The capacity of creating mood shifts and heightened anticipation for suspense, thriller or excitement generation is such a bonus using moving lights. Light beams and effect lighting can highlight special moments such as an announced recipient or speaker, or awaiting a significant special event to begin.

Lighting Control and Programming

Our trained lighting design team and technicians work with you from start to finish to achieve the magic of your lighting needs. You can rely on equipment that has been tested and well maintained before it leaves our warehouse to ensure perfect performance. With the most advanced equipment we provide and install, we guarantee the most professional lighting, with the least impactful logistics, cost and complexity possible. We partner with you to ensure your vision for lighting is achieved, with hands-on support for every logistic along the way;  the planning, transportation, installation, set-up and tear-down with 100% on-site technical support.

Custom Lighting Design

Thinking creatively about using the most innovative lighting technology available, we can’t wait to use lighting elements to design your event. At Straight Street, our expert technicians see the lighting energy planned for your event the icing on the cake. Just like candles at a romantic dining table, it is a finishing touch that is undeniably important. Not only does it set the ambiance, tone and mood, but it usually results in easier editing and a much more professional-looking end product. We can’t wait to dream, scheme and collaborate with our clients to make stunning lighting ideas bring their event to life.

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