LED Panels, Holographic, Projection Mapping

Visually and Versatile Video Transformations

The possibilities are endless, with video options that transform any object, environment, wall, or display into inspiring and amazing spectacles for every event. Programmed to create spectacular images with branding, displays or pictures, LED Panels and Walls, Holographic and Projection Mapping will boost your event and reflect digital content that will impress your audience every time.

LED Panels and Walls

If you are looking for a video option that will offer your event a memorable first impression, utilizing LED Panels will help it stand out.  LED Panels and Walls are taking over projection in incredible ways. With easy set-up and sharp images, they are perfect options for small or large-scale purposes. We have panels available (2.8mm to 4.8mm) that have great high-performance solutions to advancing your lighting display.

  • The ultra-high-resolution is essentially picture-perfect, so your images are super clear.
  • Weatherproofed design allows them to be entirely functional indoors or outdoors.
  • Versatile Arc design allows the option of using on a straight or curved wall.
  • The power supply is equipped with backup options, so your electrical needs are safe and reliable.
  • Quality Support and Expertise for set up, taken down and transportation.
  • It is an affordable and efficient option that has a big-ticket impression.


One of the newest technologies out there is 3D Holographics. Straight Street is excited to see where this will help you create interactive, virtual reality or live holographic experiences for your events. One of the most exciting technologies with cutting-edge video is ready to take on your vision to a new level. Curious about how it could work with your multimedia production needs? Reach out to our expert team to explore the features and capabilities of new ways to display and project your presentation, entertainment, or meetings for the future. 


Another powerfully impactful video production option is Projection mapping. If you are looking for a video production to project to your audience at your next event, projection mapping can reach a vast audience, live or virtually. 

Projection mapping is a fabulous way to use visual content. Sometimes called video mapping, it turns videos into 3D animation by projecting them onto flat services or any object to create 3D mapping. We use these projectors to project objects, pictures, movies or any visual images, and that manipulation gives them a unique and incredible new image or appearance.

The result? You achieve spectacular video that can be shared in a wide variety of ways and worldwide!

Projection Mapping solutions can be installed:

  • in semi-permanent or permanent ways
  • indoors or outdoors
  • on any surface naturally or architecturally

Our technicians offer camera systems and video projection with countless possibilities, using state of the art AV gear.  Straight Street provides advanced AV equipment and hardware for projection mapping that achieves a high-quality life output. We integrate this premium equipment with our team’s comprehensive and creative planning to optimize a successful event.

Projection-Mapping is a relatively new technology that offers optical illusions and endless possibilities! Our creative engineering team can’t wait to help you visualize your event using this exciting technology. Are you ready to create an innovative event that is sure to blow your audience away? Let’s brainstorm about your vision, and we will provide a customized quote for your video solutions.

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