We are all concerned with the environment.   Here are just a few suggestions to help your event Go Green!

 Digital Signage

Free standing digital signs at the entrance to your event space is an attention grabbing way to inform  your attendees of  presentations, schedule, breaks, topics, and logos.   By using digital signs you will use less paper.

 LED Lighting

By far the most energy efficient, cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination is LED lighting. In addition to the environmental benefits, LED or digital light is incredibly versatile to lend a variety of different looks, moods and atmospheric elements to any event

 LED Walls  

As with the LED lighting, LED video walls save energy and gives you a multitude of backdrop options.  This can be as simple as your logo or as technically designed as quick changing photos/videos of your presenters, photos of your company projects, so many possibilities.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is another option available.   Versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your event.  You have seen Projection Mapping on buildings such as the Canadian Parliament buildings  for Canada Day and the Sound and Light Show.

Projection Mapping requires software that interacts with a projector to create dimensions, optical illusions and movement.   Add audio to your video for a stunning effect.   Give your attendees an experience they won’t soon forget.


Webcasting can reach a multitude of ‘attendees’ no matter where they are.  This means less people travelling whether it be by automobile or plane which is great for the environment.  You can reach a much larger audience without the cost of travel.

Venue Location

If you are expecting some attendees to be flying in find a venue close to the airport.  Most hotels have‘shuttle-buses’ to transport their guests.  Inform  your attendees what public transportation is available.  These options will help cut down on the carbon footprint.  If you don’t have rooms at your venue – how far is the closest hotel.  Is it within walking distance

Add the agenda/program to your website.  Allow people to view and everything on line.



Forget about the plastic water bottles.  If at all possible make glasses and pitchers of
water available for your attendees.  Same goes for you plates, cutlery and napkins.  Use reusable.





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