Front vs. Rear Projection

Front Projection

This is the type of projection most of us grew up with.  A screen at the front of the room and a projector in front on the floor on a table, desk or cart.

The benefits of front projection is the opaque surface of the screen,  reflects as much light as possible making the screen surface a bright white to project your image on.  If you are in a room where you can control the room lighting.  The darker the room the brighter and clearer the image.

When designing your room layout it is important to know how front projection can affect your layout and  budget.

First, you will need to make sure you allot enough room for the projector and whatever it is sitting on and  there is clear space from the projector to the screen where no one can walk in front of the screen or obscure the screen or worse still, bump into it.

Secondly, if you need the floor space there is always the option to rig the projector from the ceiling.  This can affect your budget by adding rigging fees and truss.   In some venues it may also be possible to hang your projector from the ceiling.

Rear Projection

Rear Projection is exactly what it says.    Your projector is behind your screen.  A rear projection screen is  ‘translucent’ allowing your image to go through the screen and be seen on the front of the screen.  To find out the type of lens you should be using for the projector you need to calculate the ‘throw distance’.  Throw distance is the space between your projector and your screen.  Your AV company can calculate this for you.  When you are calculating the throw distance it’s best to add three to four extra feet in consideration of the size of your projector.  Utilizing the most space possible gives so many options of what the back stage can be used for.

The distance between the projector and  screen will decide  the space behind the screen, sometimes referred to as ‘back stage’.   The advantage of having a space for your AV company to store their empty road cases, or a space for your speakers prep or it could be where the video techs are placed.   It may be possible for the projector to be sat on empty road cases avoiding the need for a cart.

Rear projection gives a clean look to your room and set as the projector isn’t sitting in the room.

Your AV provider can help you choose the best type of projection for your event and venue.

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