Event Production has a new Platform – Virtual

Trust is not a unique concept when hiring an event management company to help execute a fabulous event for you. You want to know you can trust it to deliver as promised. Trust is a fundamental ingredient of any relationship. Trust becomes particularly crucial in this industry, especially now moving forward with Virtual events. With the new normal after COVID19, more than ever, virtual events are a relied on method to connect people and events.

And let’s face it. One thing we have learned during COVID19 is that feeling connected to others is essential. We miss the gatherings, hugs, community events and celebrations that mark our calendars and add meaningful experiences to our lives.

Is it possible to have an incredible virtual event that meets the core needs of community, engagement, entertainment and can integrate effectively?


Virtual events are not the backup plan anymore. They are becoming an innovative platform with a whole new world of possibilities. They will likely be a desired option even when life becomes the new normal, and we are back to live events.

One challenge planning virtual events brings is how to effectively establish and create a relationship that is trustworthy and reliable when you are not in each other’s physical presence. Most people might think that face to face is the most effective way to build that necessary component of trust and engagement. Event planning is not the only industry facing this new challenge. Sales teams, education and human resources everywhere are now being faced with a unique calling to move business practice into more remote or digital methods. We must nourish our interactions with extra tasks and creative solutions to develop trust in both parties.

A Virtual Event is quite simply, just another platform to event production.

You can execute an event in many ways, and virtually is an effective and creative, forward-thinking way!

And the ways and means to accomplish them are imploding!

If you want to create and execute a production event with a virtual component here are the 3 top considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a reputable production company you trust. You want professionals who understand the complex elements of event production to be on your side and see the vision of what would have been a live event. An established and experienced company has used the pandemic crisis to pivot their expertise into virtual platforms already, so are steps ahead of innovations that are happening. They will know what to recommend for your production and find solutions as well as creatively build your vision to be unique and exceeding your expectations. Virtual events are complex and intricate, so you will want a team of specialists that can handle the dynamics of web streaming, technology and quality audio and lighting.
  2. Think outside the box – Nothing is impossible when it comes to what can be accomplished, experienced or enjoyed through a virtual events platform. Virtual events are abounding, so there is already no shortage of options to choose from. No two events are the same, and the same is true of virtual events. Capturing ways to make your event as unique and personable is a challenge that, if done successfully, can still meet your vision.
  3. Reap the benefits! You are at the onset of this new platform, and there is incredible potential to have an outstanding production without the standard variables that affect your live production quality like weather and audience. You can save money and have fewer glitches than other platforms for events. Virtual events also allow you to train and practice, review and reflect before the production.

As with any platform in virtual event production, you want to choose a company that will be with you from conception to conclusion. Still curious about how your virtual event platform can work for your production? Let’s chat.

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