Benefits of Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are exploding this year and it is easy to understand why. Over the last decade, and exponentially in this past year, developing technologies are changing the way we look at events and increasing our options. Creating virtual experiences continues to explode with new ways to corporately include meaningful events that are convenient, effective and during these unprecedented times, quite essential. The newest forward-thinking idea for efficiency and collaboration that is working for businesses are hybrid meetings.

What is a Hybrid Meeting?
Hybrid means having a combination of in-person and virtual experiences. Companies realize that with limited travel (add to that, the cost of bringing employees in for in-person meetings) may not be as required as traditionally believed. Technology allows attendees to learn, network and interact no matter whether they are in person or virtually attending. The Hybrid Meeting is a sensible and practical way to continue to meet and collaborate while saving money, resources and of course, keeping people safe and at home.

How can Hybrid meetings happen?
Many platforms first sought ways to share or broadcast personal events such as Facetime, Messenger, Facebook Live and What’s App. For businesses to jump on the hybrid train, it may not be enough to use a smartphone to conduct a meeting professionally, but the premise is essentially the same.

Finding ways to combine visual with sound to showcase a meeting with all the necessary resources effectively now happen through Zoom, Microsoft teams and similar video communications that allow “webcasting” or “videoconferencing.” The possibilities to display company branding and virtually any media has made hybrid meetings a phenomenal opportunity to keep your team connected in a private, secure and professional way. Some corporate businesses and institutions are now pioneering their own platforms to cater to their specific audiences. The possibilities of hybrid meetings appear to be endless. Read more in Part 2 for tips on making your hybrid meeting a huge success!

Hybrid meetings are continually becoming more and more interactive. The goal is to create a meeting or event that is as close to live and in-person as possible yet effectively conducted so attendees can watch from the comfort of their own home or workspace.

From all over the globe, highly effective hybrid meetings can be produced with the lighting, camera, and action that we usually associate with live events. You want your event to have no details missed, so prepared and rehearsed information can be broadcasted and received instantaneously. Every chart, spreadsheet, document and marketing strategy is readily available to every attendee during the meeting. At the same time, the personal and interactive leadership team is present and available for live Q & A, comments and small talk to relax and create a positive team culture.

Despite a pandemic escalating the need for hybrid meeting options, hybrid meetings are here to stay. The upside to using these tools to conduct effective meetings are endless and accomplishing these elements will reap these three phenomenal benefits.

1. Saving Money
Hybrid meetings are great for the bottom line. Virtual meetings allow businesses to reduce their travel costs to bring them into the office or across a country to attend. The cost to get them there, provide housing and food, along with the meeting venue itself can be costly. The replacement costs of a hybrid meeting are minimal in comparison. Very often, a company already has the audio-visual tools available to conduct these meetings, so outputting a virtual meeting saves money compared to the venue and required resources needed in a live event.

2. Increased Productivity and Positivity
The impact on employees or stakeholders is also extremely positive! Hybrid meetings allow people to have more time for productivity than previously when resources or time travelling and preparing to attend live events were required. The other incredible thing about Hybrid meetings is that more people can participate than ever before, optimizing inclusion and a feeling for all employees to be a part of the growth and strategy, and celebrate success when it comes. It is an inspiring way to create a productive team. While there was a traditional thinking that in-person meetings were essential to build motivation and culture, hybrid sessions run professionally have been able to do precisely that.

3. Collect and Reflect
Thirdly, hybrid meetings create more awareness about attendee engagement, participation and attendance than would ever be possible in a live meeting. We live in a data-driven world, and calculating statistics to reflect and respond with as a company are valuable ways to grow employee and stakeholder engagement. Hybrid meetings allow companies to formulate reliable data about who is part of the audience, who left early, who arrived late and participation information. This allows for effective reflection and strategic planning for your business, professional development, analyze commitment and enhances awareness.

You may be feeling that the pandemic or technological advances have imposed hybrid or virtual meetings onto your radar, but they actually have fabulous benefits. If you were not convinced before about the value of hybrid or virtual meetings, or have more questions about how to get started, reach out.

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