Audio Solutions

Set the Tone with High-Quality Sound Production

Sound is so important!

High-Quality sound production is noticed! So is poor sound quality!

Audio is the communicator of your event and provides the information in ways that visuals can’t. It sets the tone and evokes emotions to complement your visual production. The quality of your audio is arguably more important than your video quality in most situations.

At Straight Street, we can supply your event with a broad range of sound products and services to optimize your audio technology needs:

  • powerful speakers
  • Amplifiers and subs
  • Stage monitors
  • line array systems
  • analog and digital consoles
  • playback and replay devices
  • wired and wireless microphones
  • show comm systems and audio recording.

We specialize in audiovisual solutions and sound system equipment production and installations. Our team is passionate and committed to providing and installing quality audio solutions and will work with you to create a plan using technology, sound systems and installation services to help you achieve the excellent audio quality you envision.

All of our audio products are regularly tested with ongoing maintenance to ensure they will not let you down and provide optimal audio performance. You can hire Straight Street with confidence, knowing that everything is prepared, maintained and tested before it reaches your event.

Choosing the right sound system for your event

If you are unsure where to start figuring out your audio needs, we are here to help. There are many tiers and types of events that require different solutions. We have a full range of audio system rental packages to offer and will guide you through a customized package that will meet your precise audio specifications and your budget.

As part of our sound and PA system service, we supply the latest cutting-edge technology with expert technicians to support you along the way. Working with us will combine leading audio technology with supportive installation expertise. With the perfect combination of audio event gear and the right knowledge, we can deliver unforgettable events.

Sound Solutions for your Virtual or Hybrid Event

We understand that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, making your audio needs as important as ever. At Straight Street, we provide the highest quality sound equipment for your live streaming or broadcasting events. If you have a virtual studio setting, we have you covered!

Looking for Permanent Audio Solutions?

Besides providing professional sound system rental services for one-off events like concerts, festivals or shows, we also supply equipment to theatres, places of worship, colleges, and universities for their ongoing production needs.

Our team will meet with you to capture your needs and provide you with high-quality and innovative audio solutions installed by us. Regardless of the size of your events and with the capacity to evolve as you grow, our exceptional technical staff will evaluate with you and install a system that will support your continuous delivery professionally and reliably.

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