Specializing in Live Events Since Before 1997

The Straight Street team has lived for live events since 1997, but we’ve been shining the spotlight on performers since the 1980s.

Straight Street’s principal, Keith Kissner, has worked in the audio-visual industry for decades. Keith honed his stage and lighting technique to set the new gold standard in the 1990s, and moved on to specialize in live events.

Straight Street formed in 1997 with Keith at the helm, and we’ve never looked back.

We’ve Been Making Experiences With Event Planners Ever Since. Bring Your Event to Life With Equipment You Actually Need.

Audio Equipment and Installation

Enjoy flawless audio for your event so that even the people in the back row can hear a whisper in the microphone. Your attendees expect nothing less, and neither should you. Talk to us about pairing your venue with the right equipment to match its size and acoustics.

Lighting For Any Venue

Lighting transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, and every venue needs specialist lighting to light up the stage at the perfect angle. Count on Straight Street to deliver sophisticated stage lighting for theatre, musical extravaganzas, product presentations, and gala events.


Our modular staging systems will transform your event no matter the venue. Our staging capabilities can adjust to any size and height allowing you to be seen.

Video Displays and Installation

Engage your attendees with large-screen HD video displays and capture highlights of the event itself with live image magnification. Make the people at the back feel like they’re in the front row with crystal clarity at every stage of your event.

Straight Street will arrange to live stream your event anywhere that provides internet access, greatly expanding your reach and removing barriers that keep people from traveling to your event (and potentially increasing your event-generated revenue as well).

Execute your event flawlessly even when curve balls come your way.

We’ll make it happen with specialist equipment for every kind of event, trained technical staff to install it, and a team that evolves with your plans.

Give Us 30 Minutes and We’ll Give You a Free Audio – Visual Consultation

Contact Us today to get started.

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