3 Ways CEOs can Best Perform for a Virtual Event

With Virtual events being the new norm, businesses are challenged to find ways to make them engaging and personable while effective and manageable. A CEO presence at any event is the star of the show. They are the leaders who we all look up to to provide direction and nourish our spirits to do more.

CEOs who had charisma and poise in live group meetings or keynote addresses have had to develop new ways to engage their teams and drive success virtually. Further layers of leadership and facilitation to empower the stakeholders of their business are needed.

Here are three ways CEOs and Management can effectively rock their virtual event and create the impact or change they aspire to have.

1.  They Choose the Right Platform

Many new virtual platforms are popping up everywhere, and it is a critical first step to executing an event virtually they will remember. Choosing a virtual event platform that is right for you is a big decision but worth the initial investment of time and money.

You want a platform with customizable features that integrate seamlessly and are user-friendly, and set your attendees’ tone and mindset. Frustration over technology or confusion in the process of getting to or working the meeting or event can be detrimental to anything else that you may wish to accomplish.

You will gain a lot of respect and engagement with a dynamic experience that has integrated a strong branding voice and is consistent with your message and mission statement. By choosing a virtual platform that you trust and repeatedly use for future goals will be an investment that will boost your team’s confidence and make it meaningful for all who attend.

2.  They Act and Look like a Celebrity

If you are the lead performance, see it as your chance to shine. You work hard and you are passionate about your business. Make your mark by optimizing the technology and design for your event set to WOW your attendees and pump out the energy.

Like a concert or formal gala, you want to capture your audience’s spark with incredible ways to participate and offer a presentation that exudes confidence and exaggerated delivery of exceptional levels. In a virtual event, you need to stretch the envelope and blow up the room to get the momentum that a live event would offer. Use lighting, textures, and a dynamic mood to fuel the energy attendees have from their living rooms, as if they were experiencing a front-row ticket to your extraordinary show. Treat yourself like a celebrity and your event like the best show in town. It will make a difference!

3.  They Cultivate A Fan-Culture

The big hype of your virtual event will last far longer if it transfers into future progress and

follow-up. Celebrating yourself is one thing, but helping your guests feel valued and appreciated is a vital part of your leadership. How will you appreciate your fans who came to your great show? Photographers, gifts, acknowledgements and awards are all tangible ways to create a culture that inspires a productive work environment that is clear on the organization’s values.

Capturing memories of the event, communicating the message in repetitive and unique ways in the future will help all stakeholders buy into the vested interest of the event’s message.

If everyone has loved the show’s venue (Virtual platform), attendees will want to return.

If the CEO’s performance is mind-blowing and life-changing like a celebrity, attendees will be hooked on the message.

If business culture has been enhanced with attendees feeling impacted and appreciated, they will be the first to register the next time the show is back in town.

Curious how to make your next virtual event is going to be the best show possible? Reach out.

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