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Which Microphone option works for your presenters?

Here is a short summary of 3 styles of microphones with their pros and cons. Handheld Microphones PROS - Some Handhelds have a switch that you can turn on and off.   The best use of handheld microphones are for when you want the presenter to have full control over when they are heard and not heard. CONS - A couple of issues with handhelds are most people don’t hold them the properly.   These mics should be held directly in front of the mouth so you are always speaking directly into it.  This allows for the sound to stay at a constant level and to avoid feedback.  Also, you have to hold the microphone the entire time or use a stand for hands [...]

Front vs. Rear Projection

Front Projection This is the type of projection most of us grew up with.  A screen at the front of the room and a projector in front on the floor on a table, desk or cart.   The benefits of front projection is the opague surface of the screen,  reflects as much light as possible making the screen surface a bright white to project your image on.  If you are in a room where you can control the room lighting.  The darker the room the brighter and clearer the image.  When designing your room layout it is important to know how front projection can affect your layout and  budget. First, you will need to make sure you allot enough room for the projector and whatever it is sitting on [...]