Follow This Church Live Streaming Camera and Video Production Guide for Your Next Sermon

Follow This Church Live Streaming Camera and Video Production Guide for Your Next Sermon

Live streaming is the most cost-effective way to reach your church audience when they can’t be there in person.

More than that, it’s a fantastic way to maintain community ties when people move away to for school, their careers, or to care for family members living far away from your church.

All it takes is a modest budget, a camera, a microphone, and a bit of live streaming know-how. Follow our guide to see what you need to take your church services to broader audiences.

How to Live Stream Church Services (for Free)

Don’t be intimidated by live streaming your church service; it only takes basic equipment, a high-speed Internet connection, and a live streaming service.

The live streaming services out there don’t need to cost money. The camera, microphone, and lighting equipment will need a budget, but they’re all one-time expenses.

It makes sense to start with a live streaming platform. In fact, we’d recommend trying out your first few online services with YouTube, since the platform is so well known. The developers have essentially pioneered the online video space, and every live stream can be saved as a video in a playlist for your community to follow on their own time, even if they missed the live event.

There are plenty of other live streaming platforms out there for you to use, including:

Some plugins for WordPress can cost up to $60 as a one-time fee, but then you can use it on your website forever. It’s a good option if your audience doesn’t “live” on a social network, and really only works out to about $5 per month for the first year.

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Factoring church stained glass windows into live stream services.

Cameras for Live Streaming Church Services and Sanctuary

The most crucial piece of equipment you’ll need for your church live stream is the camera.

Some pick up sound and some don’t—but remember that no camera microphone can replace the quality sound of a dedicated microphone. Cameras that do come with built-in microphones are best used for live streamers sitting very close by at a desk.

Put aside a budget of at least $150 for a camera, but remember that the more directly affordable models tend to require some familiarity with the technology. You may need to know how to connect the camera, microphone, computer, and live streaming platform.

You can buy this Logitech Webcam for as little as $70 CAD, whereas the more premium products like the Mevo go for $300.

We can install the equipment if you have any trouble with the set up, including finding the best spot in your church to place the camera for the live stream.

Church live streaming camera in open space.

Other Church Video Production Equipment

Sound quality is crucial for both live streams and church services of any kind. We recommend procuring a dedicated microphone for that exact reason.

A proper church video production calls for dedicated microphones because the camera will likely be far away from the sources of sound—which is you (or your speaker), in this case.

Microphones range from $110 to $320 CAD. The CAD Audio ICM417 is the most budget-conscscious option, but your sound will reach farther in open spaces with a microphone like the Senheiser e865.

There’s also lighting to consider. Make sure that the natural light filtering through your windows doesn’t interfere with the camera. Test out your recordings to see how natural or artificial lighting affects your video quality as well.

It’s always worth testing your live streaming equipment and presentation before going live, or else unexpected technical difficulties could set back the sermon by 5-20 minutes. Every minute lost can cost viewers.

High church windows and light affecting live stream service.

Grab Our Camera and Equipment Guide for Church Live Streams

With a budget in mind, you’re ready for next steps. First, download our Church Live Streaming Equipment Guide. It’s filled with items for your budget that are built to last. You’ll also specific features listed to help you decide which one works best for your church setting.

Procure the equipment, set it up, test it, and promote it to build a consistent viewership who can follow our sermons from home!

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