20 Questions that need to be asked or answered for your Virtual Event

So you are curious about virtual events? Are you wondering how you can successfully pull it off or how it can even work successfully? 

You are not alone! 

As quickly as virtual and remote operations have become a pivoted option for production events, it is still a new concept and relatively uncomfortable for first-time users.  

Anything new can be a little daunting or overwhelming! Perhaps you are wondering where to even begin? The answer, ironically, is simple. 

Perhaps you have a conceived idea of an event, or maybe you have had previous events that now you must do virtually. 

Where to begin as you consider a virtual event is the same as for a live production event! You want your event to be as impactful as a live event, so the key is to figure out how to create it to do just that. Many of your in-person vision will still apply to virtual functions.

What your Production Expert should ask of you

The most critical part of Q&A’s begins with setting up a meeting with a production company to help you sort it all out. Come to the table with whatever vision you already have, and let the experts inquire, listen and puzzle out with you the beautiful way to make that possible. 

  1. As with any production event, live or virtual, your strategy will include a clear understanding of certain things. An attentive production expert will listen and ensure they understand your vision and purpose. They should be sure about 
  2. What you envision your event to be – if everything in the world was possible, what would you love to see for your event?
  3. Knowing your goals for the event – the reason WHY you want to do this event.
  4. The possibilities and barriers to consider within your technology or financial resources.
  5. The identified profitable parts of your event. Where 
  6. The identity of your attendees. Knowing the jobs, interests, commonalities, and connections of your attendees will impact your event’s design and execution. 
  7. Who you have available as a team to execute it well – who is on your team and what are the roles they play?

What you should ask of your Production Expert

First, plan to connect with a production company and come prepared with all the questions! The best thing you can do if you are considering a virtual event is to be prepared and ensure they have all the details you need to plan your event. These are questions you should ask yourself and will want to know about options to figure out. A creative, forward-thinking production expert will answer and identify how it will work for you.

  1. What is your budget for your virtual event? Providing an idea to your production provider is essential to starting the planning.
  2. When is the event and what is the timing? Is there a specific time of day or year that you need it to happen? How many days will it be? How many hours each day?
  3. How will users access your event? How can you accomplish sessions, breakout rooms, general sessions? Can you accommodate multiple languages 
  4. What technologies will you use, or do you have to register for your event? What safe, user-friendly and engaging way will you welcome registrants that fits your event?
  5. How will you engage and network to promote your event?
  6. Do you want small interactions or breakout sessions available to you?
  7. Do you need a commerce piece for sales or merchandising?
  8. If you are hoping to provide entertainment or a reception option, how will you accomplish this?
  9. How will you present the content you are offering – will it be live or pre-recorded? Will you use video, slides or other engaging ways? How will presenters work together to deliver the content? 
  10. What are the most profitable parts of your event to ensure they are considered and replicated in your virtual event?
  11. What are your struggles and concerns about planning a virtual event?
  12. How will you be able to measure the event’s success and track and collect information, data, number of attendees, sales, profit, networking or engagement?
  13. What are the technology considerations – internet issues, including bandwidth, clarity and audio capabilities? 

There are many creative possibilities for virtual productions. Getting your questions answered, and aligning with an event production team who also asks the right questions will help you coordinate and execute a great event virtually.

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