Virtual Event Options

One thing that we have learned from the pandemic of 2020 is the need for people to feel connected. Events bring people together, and when we can’t do that in a live manner, establishing meaningful connections and relationships has prevailed.

Welcome to the advent world of Virtual events.

Due to one of the most significant and historic pandemics in history, events have stopped. The rise of Virtual events for production businesses is a means to stay afloat as well as intentionally support the human need for connection.

Straight Street is actively pivoting and excited to work with you to help you execute top-notch quality virtual events. We have the knowledge, equipment and resources, along with a committed team, to help you visualize your virtual event.

From formulating the how-to, to executing and delivering your event, we can handle any type of event in a creative and efficient way including:

  • AGM’s
  • Panel Discussions
  • Fundraisers
  • Live music
  • Religious events
  • Town Halls
  • Virtual Gala’s
  • Corporate news updates or announcements
  • Entertainment talk show

Your audience, attendees or guests still need to see you, feel your event and hear you. These are the mechanical attributes of an event that runs smoothly, like a well-oiled car. Unlike a live event that needs a venue first and foremost, a virtual event is different. Your Virtual event requires a platform where attendees can join in.

After that, the event still needs to be planned and executed in the same way, whether it be virtual or live.

You still need AV.

You still need production.

You still need engagement through sound and audio.

You still need a production service to help your event run smoothly and flawlessly.

You still need to create a successful and memorable experience for those who attend.


We got you

 Straight Street Event Services will keep you on the straight path to success. We offer three exciting pathways to your event platform including:

The Garage Production Studio

(In-House – you come to us)

Straight Street is pleased to now offer a state-of-the-art production studio available for whatever type of event you need. Equipped with health and safety measures to put your mind at ease, The Garage Studio is adaptable for multiple uses with the highest quality of sound and audio equipment and an expert team to support you. If you are looking for your one-stop shop to schedule and execute your event, our Garage Studio has everything you need right on site. With individualized coaching and mentoring, along with the most superior audio and visual aspects to create the ambiance and vibe you want, your event will be flawless. At the garage studio, you will have:

  • Dedicated and individualized assistance from a professional team
  • Sanitized stations, washrooms, and equipment implemented with every use
  • Limitless takes and trials available to you
  • Live-streaming technology
  • Lighting quality and diversification options
  • High-quality Sound studio
  • Versatile to suit individual pod-cast, conferences, events

 The Highway Production

(On the road again – We come to you)

 Let’s face it. You may have a venue that cannot be replicated in-house, and you envision still being the backdrop of your event. No problem! If you are not needing an in-house production studio, but have a venue available for your hybrid event, we are happy to take Straight Street straight to you. This hybrid option allows us to bring and orchestrate an event from the community or venue you need, and produce it digitally for your spectators. We have the means to provide you with transporting, setting up, executing and creatively delivering your virtual event right from your home, business or venue. Our talented and experienced team will be with you every step of the way, with health and safety measures in place to ensure you are comfortable with the process and confident in the production results.

If you want us to come to you to produce your virtual event experience, you will get

  • Dedicated and individualized assistance from a professional team in the planning, execution and takedown
  • Implemented health and safety guidelines and social distancing practices followed by our tech team
  • Live-streaming technology guaranteed
  • Lighting quality and diversification options
  • Assured High-quality Sound

ALL IN Sup it up Remote

(Fully remote or virtual: you stay home – we stay home)

The possibilities of our Garage Production Studio to execute your event without you even being in the studio or us coming to you is a gamechanger in virtual events. Your ALL IN REMOTE option makes this delivery an easy but effective option for your event, along with endless possibilities to add in some extras, and less room for error.

With all the benefits of our Garage Production Studio Expertise and equipment, you can bring your event together from the comfort of your own home, office or venue. Running your event with this platform allows you to create a top-notch event or web-casting event with the ability to add in all the bells and whistles. Utilizing broadcast production software, we can facilitate all your audio-visual needs as well as enhance your event with additional opportunities such as:

  • remote guests and hosts
  • video playback and content
  • customized branding and graphics
  • Live polls
  • Q & A events

Our production team will ensure the flow of your event and presenters are managed with screen sharing capabilities and seamless flow, to execute your audience free event with the highest professionalism from conception to completion. We stream on our platform for optimal audio and video quality or we can stream to any other platform you may already be using.

The possibilities are endless.

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